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Electrical Outlets: DANGER

As parents, we want both safety and usability … a combination currently unavailable in outlet protection. We want and need safer and easier alternatives to use throughout our homes.

Thousands of kids require emergency room treatment every year – despite widespread use of existing safety measures. Beyond obvious burns and scarring, the electrical shock can pose hidden dangers to the nervous system, heart, and brain. It’s dangers like these that claim hundreds of children’s lives per year.

Plastic inserts oftentimes are not enough, as these inserts pose a significant choking hazard. Kids can easily remove those inserts, often in less than 10 seconds. Even if a parent is around keeping a watchful eye, that is enough time for a child to remove the insert and severely hurt themselves.

A better solution is needed. A solution that helps you keep your children safe from this extremely dangerous household hazard. Enter the Guardian Angel Safety Outlet.